“I founded Roam Unknown with a deep-rooted passion for transforming travel into an unforgettable masterpiece. My journey began with a profound belief that travel should be more than a mere vacation; it should be a gateway to unparalleled experiences and boundless luxury. I wanted to provide travelers with the opportunity to escape the ordinary, to explore the world in ways that were previously reserved for the elite, and to have access to the kind of bespoke adventures that leave an indelible mark on the soul. My vision was to curate journeys that not only transport you to breathtaking destinations but also immerse you in the culture, beauty, and exclusivity that define true luxury. Roam Unknown is the embodiment of that vision, where I aim to craft moments of wonder, elevate expectations, and offer a world of bespoke travel experiences that celebrate the art of exploration in its most extraordinary form.”


Nicole Whittington is a seasoned Luxury Travel Advisor with an impressive career spanning over 23 years.

With a passion for curating unparalleled travel experiences, Nicole has left an indelible mark in the world of luxury travel. Her journey has been marked by remarkable achievements, exceptional leadership, and a deep commitment to crafting dream vacations.

Throughout her extensive career, Nicole has not only thrived as a Luxury Travel Advisor but has also demonstrated her prowess in managing multiple million-dollar agencies. Her dynamic leadership style has consistently driven her teams towards unprecedented levels of success, creating a legacy of excellence that inspires those around her.

Nicole’s specialization encompasses an impressive array of travel genres. From orchestrating ultra-luxe getaways to curating unforgettable honeymoons, she excels in creating tailor-made adventures that transcend expectations. Her expertise also extends to family travel, where she understands the intricate dynamics of creating memorable experiences for all ages. Moreover, her adventurous spirit shines through in her mastery of designing exciting journeys for thrill-seekers who yearn to explore new horizons.

Beyond her professional achievements, Nicole’s personal interests reflect her love for exploration. She finds joy in traveling to new destinations, immersing herself in different cultures, and embarking on adventures that broaden her horizons. When she’s not shaping extraordinary travel itineraries, Nicole cherishes quality time spent with her family and has a penchant for enjoying the enchantment of theme parks.

Nicole’s dedication to her craft is underscored by her collaboration with the world’s finest suppliers, hotels, and vendors. With her extensive network, her team creates customized trips that redefine the art of luxury travel. Whether you’re envisioning a journey akin to that of a rockstar or seeking the exclusivity of a celebrity, the Roam Unknown team possesses the resources and expertise to transform your dreams into reality. No travel aspiration is too grand or too intimate for her meticulous attention.

In the world of luxury travel, Roam Unknown stands as a beacon of excellence, blending Nicole’s wealth of experience with an unwavering commitment to curating journeys that linger as cherished memories. With her at the helm, every expedition is an opulent tapestry woven with care, precision, and an innate understanding of what it means to experience the world in unparalleled style.