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Welcome to Roam Unknown, your gateway to a world of unparalleled luxury and bespoke travel experiences. As a distinguished travel agency, we specialize in curating ultra-luxe journeys that redefine the art of exploration.

At Roam Unknown, we offer more than just vacations; we deliver exclusive, one-of-a-kind adventures that cater to the most discerning travelers. With access to the most coveted destinations, hidden gems, and insider connections, we invite you to travel like a true celebrity or VIP, where every moment is an exquisite masterpiece.

Our commitment to luxury knows no bounds, and everything we offer is customized to your desires and preferences. We understand that true luxury lies in the details, and that’s why our team of experts is dedicated to crafting personalized itineraries that fulfill your dreams and exceed your expectations.

Experience travel reimagined, where opulence meets adventure, and the world becomes your playground. Join us on a journey that transcends ordinary travel and embraces the extraordinary. Roam Unknown: Unleash the Luxe, Embrace the Exceptional.


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"I cannot recommend Nicole enough as a travel agent. As someone who had never worked with a travel agent before, I was not sure what to expect. Whatever it was though, she far exceeded it! My husband and I were in the midst of extensive wedding planning and I did not have the energy to also plan a honeymoon. Thankfully, Nicole came in and made it the easiest process with the best results! She is extremely knowledgeable about locations and details for so many places. I told her what I was hoping to do on our honeymoon, which was swimming with sharks, and she provided me with so many options at various price points so I could make an informed decision for us based on our budget. She provides the perfect balance of listening to your wishes, along with giving recommendations and advice. Once I let her know my choices, she handled the entire process of booking the stay and flights. She maintained excellent communication regarding payment, receipts, and any changes to the flights. I felt so confident knowing she was on top of all of the details of our trip and that should any issue arise, she would let me know and provide me with all of my options, despite additional work it may create for her. During our trip, one of our excursions was unexpectedly cancelled by the tour operator and she reached out on our behalf to them to make sure it was addressed and we were taken care of. I could go on about her skills in travel planning, but it should also be noted that she is incredibly kind and passionate about what she does. You can tell she is invested in your trip being amazing and makes you feel so taken care of Bottom line, if you looking for a travel agent who will make you feel like a priority, look no further. Do yourself a favor and reach out to Nicole. You’ll see what I’m talking about"


“Nicole has planned several trips for my husband and I and we have found her to be extremely organized, helpful & a pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend Nicole Whittington Travel. See you soon Nicole to plan my next trip!”


“Nicole is the absolute best! She always knows exactly what I want and need for my trip. She always gives suggestions that are best for me specifically, finding the best deals, and not just providing the most expensive options. Nicole is always there for me before, during and after I travel. You can’t go wrong with Nicole.”

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